Proper Way to Take Care Your Laptop


As technology progresses, laptops have become everyday needs whether they are office workers, businessmen, even children. It is undeniable that the functionality of a laptop has many advantages over a computer. For example, laptops can be carried everywhere with ease. Even so, often we find that around us there are many who use laptops carelessly or do not pay attention to the health of the laptop itself. If your laptop is damaged, you can visit us on .

Here are some right ways to take care of laptop. Do this to maintain the performance of your laptop.

1. Installing an Antivirus

Even computers and smartphones need this one tool. Antivirus is very useful to protect us from virus attacks that can make our laptop’s performance slow down.

2. Don’t Download Unimportant Files

Download files that are considered important, do not download files that are not important even to download the same file up to 2-3 times. The file is only a junk file or file that you might never use.

3. Cleaner Software

Use cleaner software to keep your laptop in the best performance. Cleaning of the laptop from the cache must be done regularly, it can be once a week. For cleaner software you can use CCleaner or other software that feels comfortable.

4. Delete Unimportant Startup Application

After the application is installed, now we go to the Startup Application. Startup Application is an application that runs when the new operating system is alive. Well, this application usually makes laptops seem very slow when it’s turned on.

5. Use CoolingPad

For air circulation, you should use a cooling pad or cooling fan. CoolingPad is very useful for stabilizing the hot air generated from the performance of laptop components.

6. Place the Laptop in the Right Place

Also, pay attention to the place we will use when working with a laptop. Do not put the laptop on the mattress or a soft place when the laptop is on. Hot air on the laptop will not come out because the cavities are closed. Choose a place with a hard surface, so the laptop will have a cavity even though it’s a little.