For Women, Here Are Four Reasons You Don’t Let Men Pay On First Date

Choosing someone to be your lover or even your partner is not easy. However, in the present, you can just get someone you like by using an online site. Like for example in hippie dating. The site will help you find the right person or partner for you.


However, for women, make sure that when the first date is done, never let men pay for it. You pay enough for yourself for several reasons, like

1. Indicates that you are an independent woman
By paying on an early date, you show yourself as an independent woman. You look independent and responsible because you care about how much you spend. You pay for everything you have to pay instead of charging other people.

2. You don’t look troublesome in his eyes
Pay at the beginning of a date. You will not be seen as a troublesome figure that is only troublesome. Try to get the parts to look like you also care about him and can be enough to take care of himself later.
If you are worried that paying the date fee, in the beginning, will make you charge all the costs of your next date, believe that a good man won’t be like that.

3. You don’t look like a woman who is easy to get
You will be seen as an independent person and not dependent on others. That automatically makes you look like a strong woman who is hard to get. The man cannot get you just by offering the usual thing but must try more.
Don’t get me wrong, being a woman who looks “harder” is obtained will make a man curious and try desperately to approach you.

4. Shows that you are a frugal figure
Believe it or not, when you pay your own bill, you will also be seen as a frugal person. You don’t like using other people’s money for yourself, which means you are obedient to the use of money.