The trick you may need to improve your self-confidence

This “If-Then” technique is simple, but the results are very effective in increasing self-confidence. Why? It’s because you prepare something if the situation and conditions are not what you expect, no matter how well you prepare. On the other hand, you can also learn more about biological and psychological stress reactions by visiting an excellent psychology center near Hornslet and Auning.

For example, if you will meet your date for the first time, the application of the “If-If” technique includes:

If I’m nervous when meeting him, then I’ll go to the toilet for a while to calm down.

If he is busy with his smartphone, then I will lure him with light talk.

If he talks about topics I don’t know, then I will be a good listener.

By applying the “If-So” technique, you will know the actions that must be taken if something happens not according to your expectations. In other words, you won’t be blank.

Besides that, be grateful for what you have and how your condition will now build your confidence. Why? Because with gratitude, you will avoid stress and other negative feelings.

For example, you are grateful to still be able to eat today, breathe air, have a job, and so on.