Home Decorative Paint App

One way that can be taken to eliminate saturation of the wall display is to change the color. But that is often a problem, although it has been replaced with a new paint and the color changes, the sense of boredom is still felt. The reason is that the wall paint is just plain just look no other variations. To overcome this problem there is one method that can be done is to use a system called decorative paint, painting system is a term used to use other tools in the process. So in addition to the brush, there are other tools used such as sponges and so forth. The result is a wall look no longer plain but presents certain patterns or motifs that look more beautiful. Thus the saturated taste of the plain paint on the walls can be removed and the occupants can feel a different sensation and special. The technique of decorative paint application at home or other building consist of several types. There is a technique called sponging technique that uses the main tool of the sponge and is suitable to be applied to walls whose surfaces are rough because textures are made easier on such walls. If you want a motive like this, you can use the services of interior painting woodstock.

They will provide an easy way like dipping sponges or foam in the paint and then patted on the wall. Paint that can be used can consist of one color or several colors at once if the color is not only one type must pay attention to similarity. In order for better results, choose a sponge that has a large pore hole and this makes the resulting pattern look more interesting. Then there is another technique called comb technique. So named because the tool used is also a comb, the system is very easy to apply. First, the painted wall is painted using a brush as usual, but the paint should be thicker and thicker. After that wait a while when the paint can dry out. But before the paint is dry, take a comb and then scratch on the wall. The direction of the scratches can adjust aligned, so it can be straight, italic or turn.