Rarely Recognized, These Are Two Main Causes of Diarrhea

Many people do not deal with their diarrhea appropriately and according to the needs, they feel. Because for them diarrhea is not a serious disease that must be handled properly. In fact, they must know that there is cara mengatasi diare so that they can handle it properly.

Of course, many of you are not aware of it, that there are some foods that you have been consuming have turned out to be the main cause of diarrhea. Some of these foods are

1. Foods containing olestra
Low fat or fat-free food products usually use olestra as artificial fat. Olestra is also often found in potato chips.
Even though it sounds healthy, this artificial fat cannot be absorbed by the body at all. Later, this substance will be released directly with feces without going through the digestive process as normal natural fat.

2. Vegetables with high fiber
Vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage, and broccoli can trigger excessive gas in the intestine. This is caused by the sugar content that is difficult to digest. The vegetables also have high fiber so they can make the symptoms of diarrhea worse.