Enjoying songs without singing


latest nigerian music is one thing that is universal in the sense that everyone can do or just listen without being limited by distance, culture, or even time. The development of music from time to time produced many genres and sub-genres that existed. From classical music, baroque, pop, rock & roll, disco, to modern era music that might use the term “post” to define the types of music that are made with certain flavors outside of existing standards. On the other hand, check out latest naija music videos to find the excellent Nigerian songs.

From the modern era to the digital era like today, we can hear music that is far more diverse and even accesses thousands of music freely. The music industry is actually developing very well, though there are some things that are lost due to the transition from the analog era to the digital era where now some of us try to enjoy music in an “old school” way

Everyone must listen to music at least once in a lifetime whatever the media. What is Pop music ?? Pop music is actually a term for music that is light, easy to hear, even easy to be sung back by others. Because of such characteristics, music like that spreads easily to all groups and becomes a popular thing. Old, young, male, anyone can easily enjoy music like that

The music we hear in any media today is mostly almost even almost all of the music that has vowels in it. Or it can be said that there is always a human voice singing the lyrics of each song. So the average individual who enjoys music always remembers the lyrics of a song and even sings songs they like

When hearing an instrumental song or music without vocals at all they tend to be confused and feel weird and the question always arises “when do you sing it?” This is because the average person listening to music that has vocal, is not wrong indeed and there is nothing to blame. Between instrumental music and music with vowels is actually just a factor of habituation and habits of the listener.