Proper Carpet Cleaning Way

What do you expect from that you visited? Can that site provide you information about how to clean the carpet properly? If you have a multi-colored carpet, make sure the carpet does not fade, causing the color to fade when washed. Too. pay attention to washing instructions from carpet manufacturers to avoid mistakes that can be fatal. Well, before washing the carpet, make sure you use a vacuum cleaner to clean dust and dirt thoroughly to the deepest parts.


If the carpet is not too dirty and there are only stains in some places, make sure you only wash the stain without involving other parts. If you can’t clean stubborn stains, leave it to the experts. You can go to Semarang carpet washers for example. Because generally, they have the methods and materials needed to clean up dirt that is difficult to clean even though. After cleaning, the carpet must be dried in the open air. If the carpet smells, you need to buy a deodorizer.

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