Procedure for sending letters or goods on the courier/shipping service

Basically, if you have prepared the above, then just come to the fast track courier/shipping service office then just give the letter or item to the officer, after that it will be processed and then paid. Just like that.


Step by step the procedure is as follows:

Visit the nearest expedition office. Take the queue number (if any). If there is no queue number, immediately give the item/letter that you want to send to the officer.

If you want to know how much the shipping costs before the shipment is processed, you can ask how much the fare will be to the officer.

If you agree with the shipping costs, the officer will immediately process the shipment by entering the required data (shipping address, sender’s name, etc.).

After that, you just have to pay and you will be given proof of delivery/receipt number/airway bill> keep good proof of delivery> complete.


You don’t need to buy and paste stamps. Currently, everything is processed online, so just come> give the package to the officer> pay> complete.

Please keep the proof of shipment printed on receipt/airway bill number. This is useful for tracking the status of the delivery of letters, goods, or packages. Checking can be done through the expedition website used.

The amount of postage is determined by the following:

1. Distance and shipping area

Different sub-districts can send different shipping costs (although still in one city). For areas that are difficult to reach by transportation or far from the nearest expedition branch offices, shipping costs will usually be more expensive.

2. Item Weight or Volume

The heavier the shipment will be the more expensive the shipping cost. Besides weight, another factor is the size/volume of goods. If the item is light but the size is large (eg send cotton), it will be calculated based on size.