How to access the internet in an area without internet

Reportedly over the past few days, the internet in Syria has been paralyzed due to disputes between rebels and the government. Apparently, there are other tips to stay connected to the internet in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, in actuality, the separatists and the government throw each other responsibility and accusations that one party is the culprit. There are 4 things to be able to access the internet again according to Applebaum’s account. Because the connection via satellite is different from the land network system, then when it happens, ‘blackout’ the internet, people can still access it using transceivers. This device must later be connected to a portable satellite modem. It’s just that, the use of this service is very expensive. Applebaum explained that it is possible that the user will have to pay around USD 7 / MB. You really don’t need to worry if your area belongs to the hard internet area, then our service provides internet pelosok for your area internet pelosok.

According to Applebaum, as long as the telephone network is still functioning, so is the internet. Although mobile service is down and the network is supervised by certain parties, there are still other ways to create access out. He suggested searching for leases or lanes that are usually used by certain parties to send confidential information or data. “Usually these lines are used by large banks. Before the standard IP is widely used, the average internet user uses the x.25 system to transmit data. Since the use of standard IPs, the use of such systems is no longer popular and abandoned. Even though there is an ‘outage’ of the internet, this system is not affected and will still run. If all of the above fails, then the only last way is to use low-level technology using radio and sneakernet networks. Deciding internet flow in a country does not mean the radio signal is also interrupted.

By using radio signals, there is a possibility that you can also access the internet even though the access process requires patience. In addition to using radio signals, the use of sneakernet can also help the process of sending data packets outside the region.