Arduino and Its Uses

Are you seeking the right place to get the Arduino starter kit with good or even best quality? If you are the beginner, doing the research isn’t only important but also a must. However, you need to know why you buy it and how to get the best one that meets your needs. Many people have recently wondered what Arduino really is? Is it a robot or something? To answer your curiosity, on this occasion learning will share a little information about the definition of Arduino and its functions.

Please note that Arduino is still included in the ATMega microcontroller family made by Atmel. But along with its development, many other companies make clones from Arduino with other types of microcontrollers. Many beginners use Arduino because it is considered easier to learn and use.

But not infrequently professionals use Arduino to be developed into various electronic applications. As information that the Arduino uses the Arduino programming language with a syntax resembling the C programming language. Because of its open-source nature, everyone is free to download the hardware scheme to be developed.

The advantage of Arduino compared to other microcontrollers is the relatively low price, easy and simple programming, free to use because it is open source, does not require additional hardware such as chips, USB connectors, and many others. Arduino can also be directly connected to other modules such as GPS and Ethernet.

Arduino also has several types such as Arduino Uno, Arduino Due, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Fio, Arduino Lilypad, Arduino Nano, Arduino Mini, Arduino Micro, Arduino Ethernet, Arduino Esplora, and Arduino Robot. Each arduino has different characteristics.

In general, Arduino has the function of facilitating use in various electronic fields such as making running LED applications, LED traffic, mobile robots, and many others. By using Arduino, making these applications is more practical, easy, and inexpensive.